Montezuma House

LOCATION: Montezuma - Puntarenas SIZE: 158.00m2 THE BIG IDEA: Design a habitat of efficient spatial relationships, where the relationship with the Environment and outdoor spaces are emphasized. We seek to highlight the natural textures as part of the context gifts while we preserve the architectural typology of

House Oakley

LOCATION: Playa Hermosa - Puntarenas SIZE: 217.50m2 THE BIG IDEA: A place secured from urban life, a refuge. A natural hideaway where a family can Start fresh in a new latitude. We seek togetherness and calm to grow. The main idea is to provide a house tailored

Casa Barrantes

LOCATION: San Rafael – Perez Zeledon SIZE: 190.00m2 THE BIG IDEA: A place isolated from the usual, a new family stage, a configuration of space shaped by the references of its inhabitants. The main idea is to provide a house in which the family and individual life

Casa Machado

LOCATION: Tucurrique – Cartago SIZE: 154.00m2 THE BIG IDEA: Position a house “born from the context” and assertively relate it to existing constructions. Create a contemporary environment and a warm space with materials that symbolize and promote the safety of the shelter and its adaptability to the


Sat Chit Ananda

LOCATION: Cobano - Puntarenas SIZE: 283,50m2 THE BIG IDEA: The project as a spiritual path between peaceful elements. The promenade architectural as a journey between spaces of ease. The house as a temple and a refuge, the teaching experience + the intimate.