We aim to inspire people in creating more sustainable communities by connecting them to their local natural and social environment through “healthier” architecture.

Our team



Esencial Costa Rica

Esencial Costa Rica, is our country’s brand. It is the way Costa Rica portrays itself to the world promoting climate action, tourism, investment, exportation and quality service and products through the acknowledgement of the Costa Rican culture and idiosyncrasy.

The Green Growth Platform

The Green Growth Platform is a program that aims to promote production transformation processes that improve the environmental sustainability of companies and with this their export profile.

Ramp Up

Ramp Up is a program that aims to promote the creation of new high-value exporters for Costa Rica, through business support to close gaps in strategic areas of PYMER (small and medium enterprises) with export potential.

Our design process

Proceso de Trabajo Ocho
Step One

Contact meeting

OCHO meets with you to discuss your design idea and vision of the project, needs, obstacles,etc (45min meeting approx).

Step Two

Meet The Client (MTC)

OCHO will send you an Online questionnaire to describe details of the project.

Step Three

Bid acceptance

We meet to have a conversation about scopes, timeframes and compensation. We go through the details of the services offer to confirm what we have projected adjusts to your necessities and budget.

Step Four

Site Visit (RFI)

A site visit is mandatory for the vast majority of projects, after our “Services Bid” is approved, OCHO will schedule and coordinate the site visit as well as the preliminary studies necessary according to project and the known information of the context for viability check.

Step Five

Visioning Session

Consists in a collaborative workshop between OCHO and the stakeholders of the project, with goal of obtaining profound information and insightful perspectives about the overall vision.

Step Six

Concept Phase

We will ignite the creative process through a series of hands-on deliverables and quick iterations. Through a series of methodologies and exercises we narrow it down and pin point the challenges and pillar topics we attempt to resolve.The information gathered is translated to the required solutions for the concept development.

Step Seven

Schematic Phase

Once the concept is approved, we delve into a schematic projection of all the different dimensions that can affect the outcome of the project, such as: fBudget estimates, MEP engineering, Structural proposal, Landscape and/or permaculture approach, interior design.

Step Eight

Design Development

Definition of fixtures, finishes, Engineering and overall aesthetic through visual aid of renderings and virtual tour/ video of the project. We review with you before jumping into the next phase to make sure everything is suited to your liking.

Step Nine

Construction Documents

The development of workshop plans, details and engineering processes for institutional and council approval. The construction plans intent to guide the building process according to design lead project.

Step Ten

Budget and milestones revision

Once construction documents are completed and submitted for review, OCHO meets with you to oversee the final milestones and specs of the budget and process, to set the final steps of the design/architecture project.

Step Eleven

Permits/ Fixed Quotes

Permits are approved by all regulatory institutions. Also, we set up a package of information about the project so you can have the liberty to properly quote with other companies and are able to assess the adequate comparisons to make an informed decision. Lets compare apples to apples.

Step Twelve

Design Closure/ Technical Direction

We celebrate together and set everything for the building of the dream! OCHO acts as project managers and oversee the project built.